Coffee Break November 19

The idea for a chatty post comes from Nerd in the Brain and seems a great way for us to wind down together at the end of the week. In this spirit, a few topics we’d discuss over coffee would be

  • Did this week seem to be ten days long for you also? With tech issues galore at work and going out & getting back home late three nights, there was just so much going on.
  • Just when I had just about given up on a project, the people responsible pulled it off beautifully.
  • Seeing Mockingjay with the girlfriends last night in a theater filled with Hunger Games fans was a hoot. Poor Jennifer Lawrence though, she had to wear so many dowdy outfits like plain fatigues and a dorky hospital gown instead of the cool, kick ass costumes she usually gets to wear. The edgy fighting clothes will return in part two. I learned that the old fashioned way, by reading the books.
  • Communication at home is on a nice upswing. Hurrah.
  • On the drive home from meditation class, my friend and I decided not to move on to similar topics to pursue, and instead to hang out with the meditation thing, perhaps learning more from other practitioners in neighboring meditation centers. Basically, we’re going to linger in this neighborhood and get to know it better.
  • At my AA home group, I almost nodded off quite a few times while the speaker was sharing his story of strength and hope. Bad form!
  • Anyone else rooting for the guy with nerd glasses and endless tattoos on The Voice? He’d be great to see performing live!
  • Next week I’m committing to more couch time with the dog. Dog time is always so fulfilling. Now our lab / border collie (we think) pup is easing into middle age, she’s finally at the stage of life to mellow just a bit.  Unless a frisbee is in sight.
  • The snack box I ordered for my daughter to get her through the end of the semester has been stuck in Buffalo all week. Bummer. On the other hand, I’m amazed that any of us ever got through all of those stressful semester finals as kids. Tough times! Yes, I really did come home and burn those organic chemistry notes, one frigging page at a time, after surviving that marathon of a class. And no, when transferring universities after my sophomore year, was that chemistry class needed to meet any requirements at the new school.
  • It rained!
  • Nano Poblano, you are the best! Reading your daily posts is something I look forward daily, even sneaking in a few posts during breaks at work. You are amazing!!!