Changing Up the Work

change only happensIts time to change up the work. In early, early recovery, the work was prescribed by the chemical dependency department of my health care provider. Thank goodness they had a clear plan because my planning to drinking less tomorrow wasn’t flying. In AA, my sponsor helped me develop a plan of working with her weekly, attending 3 meetings, being of service, and calling other alcoholics. That plan established much needed personal stability and started me on the road to developing friendships with others in recovery and I stuck with it for a year (2 rounds of 6 month commitments).

Becoming restless, its time to change things up. Winging it certainly is appealing and sounds like an exciting adventure, but adventure doesn’t meet the needs of recovery and a plan is needed. So, for accountability, here’s the current plan:

  • blog weekly
  • read recovery literature on weekends, delving into Peter
  • AA meeting Tuesday nights (holding onto my home group)

IMG_3394What is your experience with changes in your recovery program? What types of changes have you tried?


2 thoughts on “Changing Up the Work

  1. Hi
    I am have been in AA for the last 2 months, staying sober one day at a time. Prior to this I tried to stay sober on will power alone and it didn’t work for me. I like working to the programme and with my sponsor so I don’t have to think about what’s next or how to as the big book seems to have the answers


    • As much as I didn’t want to admit it, working with a sponsor has been invaluable. You’re right, their ability to break things into parts and keep us from getting overwhelmed is essential. Two months! That’s a lot to be proud of!


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